Zicklin School Of Business

master in businessHult’s one-year international masters degree programs provide an immersive global experience that will transform your mindset and your career. Students will be prepared in numerous aspects within the business field, for instance market segments, pricing theories, advertising techniques, campaign and strategic planning, retailing, principles of marketing research and numerous other pertinent topics.

Either Full-Time or Part-Time, the MSBA program prepares students for successful careers in the burgeoning field of business analytics from business analysts, data analysts, marketing analysts, financial analysts, data base and data warehouse architects to data scientists.master in business

The course first teaches students Unix command line and Python programming language, which constitute the uniform computing environment for the following topics: data visualization; predictive modelling; relational database and SQL; Web APIs; big data, Hadoop and MapReduce; and Stochastic Search and Optimization methods.

Many business schools have strong contacts and partnerships with local, regional, national and even international businesses, and offer placements and other opportunities for students to grow their professional network, get invaluable industry-specific advice, and secure relevant work experience.

ISCTE Business School is committed to fully exploring the new frontiers of the Bologna Agreement by offering an international MSc in BA that can provide each student with an unforgettable learning experience and valuable tools for succeeding in the fascinating – and complex – business world of today.