What Is The Role Of A Recruitment Agency?

It can be quite a challenge to find a job.

Are you not quite sure how marketing recruitment agencies in london actually work? Here is our quick guide as well as some useful tips to get you on the road to a new job.

What Is A Recruitment Agency?

The role of a recruitment agency is to match job vacancies to available candidates, this means working directly with the companies that have roles to be filled.

The consultants within the agency source new opportunities, then they review, edit and optimise candidates’ CVS and provide candidates with good tips on how to do well at the interview.

In other words, they streamline the task of finding a job.

How Does A Recruitment Agency Work?

There are several ways 0ni which a recruitment agency works.

In the initial stages, a company will advise the agency that they have a role that they need a suitable candidate for. The next steps will be for the recruitment agency to either:

  • Find matching candidates on their current database

– Post an online job application to attract candidates with the right skill set

Once they have sourced candidates that are a good match they will send these to the company for approval and set up interviews for the candidates that seem to be the best match.

What Do I Need To Do To Join A Recruitment Agency

A lot of agencies will allow candidates to simply come into the office and sign up for work.

That being said, it is always a good idea to ring in advance or make an appointment to ensure that they actually have roles within your line of work. It is also worth noting that many agencies do not have the typical shop front set-up so an appointment would definitely need to be pre-arrnaged.

Another option is to add your CV to online recruitment databases so that the agency can make contact with you if a suitable role opens up.

How Do I Make A Job Application Through An Agency?

The recruitment consultant is like a middle-person between you as a potential candidate and the company that wishes to employ someone. They will send your CV to the company and put you forward as a good option for an interview.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Recruitment Agency?

There are plenty of benefits that come with finding a job through a recruitment agency.

One of these is that they have already created good working relationships with many sought-after employers, meaning that you get exclusive access to the roles on offer. You will also be potentially put forward for roles that you may not get to hear about if you were not with the agency.

Further benefits of using a recruitment agency are as follows:

  • Advice on writing your CV and cover letter
  • Experienced interview caching
  • Post-interview constructive feedback
  • Specialist tips for your industry
  • Being put forward the appropriate roles come up.

What Should I Do If I See A Role Adveryiosed By A Recruitment Agency?

A lot of vacancies are posted online by recruitment agencies.

Everyone is welcome to apply and this does not automatically mean that the recruitment agency is signing you up. Many of the positions advertised are for other companies but more often than not the name of the company will not be provided until the interview stage.

What Does It Cost To Use a Recruitment Agency?

As a potential candidate, you should never be charged for using an agency.

The company employers pay the consultants a fee which is related to whether they have successfully filled the job. Direct payments from the individual should not occur.

What Is The Proces Once I Have A Job?

The role of the agency continues once you have secured a job.

They care for paperwork, general formalities, and continue to be the middle-person to ensure all is set up for your first day and future role. They are also able to work to get you the best salary.

It is in the best interests of the agency to find you a role that will work for you and make the application process easy.

It can feel like a lonely mission to job hunt but once a recruitment agency is on board the process becomes much less daunting.