What are some IT Problems that Often faced by big companies?

In the era of information development technology, create a company, of course, means a high dependence on the existence of IT. Almost all operational, production, supervision and various other activities nowadays are carried out using IT.

However, has it ever crossed your mind what would happen if the IT in the company had problems? Of course, you do not want that to happen, don’t you? For that reason, it is better for you to know what IT problems often faced by companies. Here, we present to you some IT problems below

Data security and cyber attacks

Data security is the IT problem that most faced by big companies. Despite having its own data center, somehow, big companies have to think of some ways to protect important company data so it won’t be lost, damaged or hacked by hackers.

One of the factors for companies become easily attack is because there are many companies have problems with Configuration Drift. To avoid Configuration Drift, companies must have configuration management tools to prevent configuration irregularities.

Moreover, if your company uses the internet network and is not protected by the latest security system, the possibility of data leakage or cyber attack will be higher. Therefore, companies need to do maintenance regularly.

Cyber attack is more dangerous if it occurs on companies engaged in banking and finance such as malware. Of course, the losses will be unforgivable. Seeing this huge loss, it is appropriate for companies to be alarmed by cyber-attacks and become quite serious in handling IT problems.

The quite expensive cost and less capable human resource

IT is the company’s most valuable asset, not only about the hardware but the software used by the company. Without IT, your company will never run optimally. The amount of costs is required for maintenance and to check regularly so that the company’s IT operational system runs well.

Sometimes, IT could suck up the budget of the company. For companies which already established, the budget issue is not a problem. But, in the case of startups, facing IT problems could be a big problem and can threaten the company’s finances.

Unpredictable obstacle

In addition to some factors above, the next IT problem that can be faced at any time by large companies is a disaster. What it means by disaster is, the problem occurred due to natural disasters and disasters caused by human error. In other words, not because it was hacked by intentional hackers but the mistakes of the company’s IT technicians and this disaster is causing damage to the company’s IT system.

The disaster not only gives losses on company material but also give an impact on data, computer networks and internet networks in the company. A disaster may make the company’s IT activities became paralyzed. Especially if the company involves the lives of many people, such as companies engaged in telecommunications, banking, media, and other sectors.

IT problems in large companies cannot be avoided. Therefore, companies must plan how to protect these valuable assets. Contact LimePoint to get to know more best-practices for API & Integration, Managed Services, Migration Services, Platform Engineering.