Visa Offices Outside Canada

visaThis article discusses the overall procedure and standards set by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for withdrawing various applications. This visa is valid for 90, 30 or 15 days. Use our visa search tool below to enter your citizenship country and travel document type to determine if you are required to obtain a visa or not. Canadian citizens, who have not always needed a passport to get into the US, should have their passport on them when entering the country.

South Africans travelling on a temporary passport will not be allowed to enter the Netherlands. Ireland: SA passport holders do not need a visa to enter Ireland for a stay of up to three months. Some countries, including the Czech Republic , 114 require that an alien who needs a visa on entry be in possession of a valid visa upon exit.

Applicant visits the above mentioned web link and selects the Indian Mission from where he intends to apply for the Visa from the tab Select Mission”. Australia has bilateral visa waiver agreements with several countries in the Schengen area. US Citizens entering Zimbabwe for tourism can expect to pay $30 for a single-entry visa and $45 for a double-entry

Most consulates process tourist and business visa applications within two weeks to a few days. The fines for overstaying a visa is 500 THB per day, and accrue for a maximum of 40 days, the maximum fine can be levied at 20,000 THB. Lengthy stays of more than a few weeks and particularly stays for the entire ninety (90) days followed by a quick return to the United States may arouse the suspicion of the US Customs and Border Protection officer.

The Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact allies required exit visas both for emigration and for those who wanted to leave the Soviet Union for a shorter period. Please note that GEN VISA is unable to assist passengers who choose to apply for their visas directly.