Types of culinary businesses that are best-selling, small capital and not complicated

The types of culinary businesses that sell the most are interesting to find out. Especially for those of you who are currently interested in opening a culinary business. Even though the culinary business is very profitable because it is always needed by many people, you need to pay attention to innovation. This is useful for attracting visitors.

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The next best-selling culinary business is toast. Selling toast as a culinary business is very promising because it has bright business prospects.

Like fried foods, toast also has many fans from children to adults. So to sell this culinary business, it is necessary to make various innovations to attract buyers.

Selling toast does not require special skills. Because there are many other contemporary toast-selling competitors, it is necessary to innovate in the form of taste, place and service that can attract the attention of buyers.


Martabak is also included in one of the top 10 types of culinary businesses. There are various choices of martabak that are commonly found because of the ease of processing them, namely egg martabak, sweet martabak, to mini martabak. Innovation is also very much needed when you choose to sell martabak.

Even though it is just a snack, it turns out that the prospect of selling martabak is very high. No wonder, if even the president’s son gets into this kind of business.


The production of seafood or seafood ingredients is also very popular with many people. You can open this culinary business in a roadside tent, simple food stall, or even a fancy restaurant.

Spicy food

Many people enjoy cooking with spicy flavors. You can make the high interest of people to eat this spicy food as an opportunity to open a culinary business.

You could say that spicy food always gets the attention of culinary lovers. However, in the midst of high competitors, you need to innovate so that your culinary business can be enjoyed by many people.

Some of the culinary efforts for spicy food that you can try are seblak, geprek chicken, spicy chips, and so on.

fast food

Seeing these conditions, it doesn’t hurt for you to try this fast food culinary business. You can slightly modify existing fast food such as burgers, fries, pizza, and so on to increase the selling value.

Fruit juice

Apart from food, various drinks such as fruit juices also have very profitable culinary business opportunities. Selling a variety of fruit juices has high business prospects because this drink is very popular with many people in order to meet their health needs.

Fruit juice is one of the 10 types of culinary businesses that are best-selling and simple to do. The recommendation to sell fruit juice is to choose tropical fruit that is easily available at affordable prices.

To start this culinary business, you can start by opening a stand in front of the house.


Apart from juice, people also like to drink coffee. There’s nothing wrong with trying one of the 10 best-selling culinary businesses. To start this culinary business, you need special skills to be able to mix various types of coffee so that it tastes delicious.