Tips for Recruiting and On-Boarding Remotely

It is nerve-wracking for several clients and businesses to perform their entire recruiting and onboarding process remotely, especially when they are recruiting new talent. The natural concerns are; they are worried because they are not sure if they will get a person of the right cultural fit and they know the challenges of onboarding someone remotely and keeping the person to feel at ease and they are not sure how to improve the morale of their team. But it is something we have to get used to since everyone is being encouraged to continue working from home for the foreseeable future.

Recruit Remotely

It is indeed more difficult to recruit new members due to the current situation, such as marketing jobs. However, there are so many great candidates out there, and they are available right now.

You should change your mindset and get creative if you want to recruit remotely. It is also important to keep in mind the fundamentals of the recruitment process.

Before writing a comprehensive job description, you must have a clear picture of what you want.

Remember that you are more likely to get a high number of applications due to the current climate. Therefore, plan the recruitment process, block time for interviews in your schedule, think about the different stages and review with the team. You can prepare a task for potential candidates to complete if you like. Prepare your questions. Preparing a task? Then, make sure it is easy to present the task across a video call.


Communication & Reassurance

It is easy to get nervous when starting a new job. However, it is even more stressful for someone starting a new job in these difficult times. Talent managers or line managers need to open up communication early and reassure their new recruits about the process.

We have a candidate who started their new role remotely recently, so the candidate told us they got a call from their manager for an initial welcome chat. Then, the manager followed up with their mobile number and an email. The manager was letting the new candidate know how to get in touch at any time if they need to.

Help New Recruits With Technology

It is hard to imagine where we will be without video calls, computers and all the other technologies and applications, which currently help us. Do everything it takes to get your new recruit set-up with the right technology as soon as possible. You can use a courier to send the equipment, give them a guide to all the software they will use, or make sure they have access to the internal network.

A Structured Welcome Programme

The most important thing for everyone at the moment is the structure and new starters need to have a clear and structured welcome programme in place. Make sure there is a clear programme across for the first week, so avoid overloading them with information. The programme can include a video call to introduce the team, a presentation on the company’s culture and what is included in their day to day tasks.

Keep in contact

Get in touch with the recruits regularly and make sure they feel comfortable to call you if they need to. However, avoid being overbearing. You do not have to check up on them constantly, but show them you trust them. In the beginning, you can put a daily call or video chat. If things are going well, put call or video chat less frequently.