This is How to Drink Water to Lose Weight


Drinking water can help you lose weight. The reason is, this drink has no calorie content at all, so it will not make the numbers on the scale shift to the right, even if consumed in large quantities.

Not only that, water is also able to burn more calories, and make us feel full longer. Not surprisingly, this simple drink is the ultimate weapon for those who are on a diet.

In order for the maximum effect, here is a summary of four ways to drink water to lose weight, including:

1. Drink before meals

Water can act as an appetite suppressant, so consuming it before eating can make you feel fuller, and make you eat less.

In fact, according to a study conducted by Virginia Tech in 2010, consuming water before meals can at least reduce calories by 75 cal. When calculated, drinking water every time before eating can reduce calories by up to 27 thousand.

2. Replace sugary drinks with water

If you want to lose weight, immediately replace soda, juice, or other drinks with water. If you don’t like the bland taste, you can add a slice of lemon as a mixture.

In addition to making it taste fresher, lemon also contains pectin which can reduce the desire to eat.

3. Drink cold water

One way to drink water to lose weight is to drink it cold. A study published in the Journal of Natural Sciences, Biology, and Medicine found that the body will use more calories to warm the temperature of the cold water we consume.

That way, our metabolism will increase, losing weight will be easier.

4. Fulfill the needs of fluids every day

Drink eight glasses of 236 ml of water every day to get the benefits of losing weight and maintaining an ideal body weight. It’s just that, each person’s drinking water needs are different.

If you exercise regularly, you should increase your fluid intake again. As a rule of thumb, you can try to consume 14.7 – 29.5 ml multiplied by your body weight. If you want maximum results, take ProVen supplements, Proven has been tried by many people if you are interested in visiting the official website hereproven reviews