Here Are 10 Business Ideas You Can Steal From Me

business ideasBusiness ideas should be chosen prudently. From Jefferson to Gutenberg, Rockefeller to Carnegie, and today’s Walton family (Wal-Mart), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Michael Dell (Dell Computers), and Mark Zuckerman (Facebook), these are people whom have found huge economic success by coming up with great ideas to base businesses on.

Another local small business staple, if you want to extend your handyman services into a storefront, you should consider opening a hardware store When residents are doing home projects or spring cleaning, they’re always going to find themselves in need of certain tools or supplies—and probably won’t want to wait for online ideas

Businesses working in the UK creative industries sector contribute £87.4bn a year to the UK economy (source: CIC ). Employment in the UK creative industries is growing at four times the rate of the UK workforce as whole, and some 2m people are now employed in the UK’s creative …