Small Business Development Center

business classesEvery day, hundreds of thousands of people board airplanes. Notable authors and business executives are invited to speak and interact with CBA students on a regular basis. Business courses are useful to people with all types of experience in business. Suggestions may include courses like business principles, accounting and information technology along with English and speech.

During their first two years at The University of Mississippi, Pre-Business undergraduates gain a strong liberal arts foundation that is complimented by basic business courses such as accounting, economics, business law and business communications. With the exception of economics, students may not use the same courses to fulfill both majors.

Whether you are unhappy at work and want to get your MBA so you can strike out on your own or you want the advanced degree to improve your current career, attending online business courses is an investment in your future. Advisors help students develop programs, plan schedules, discuss major and career choices, and refer for assistance in the case of academic difficulties.

Some people love seats with doors. A Certificate in Entrepreneurial Studies is available to students in the College of Business Administration interested in the area of small business. Learn more about how you can complete the first two years of your college education at Moraine Valley before transferring to a four-year school to earn a bachelor’s classes

In business class, the new seat is a mild improvement over the old one. Another good alternative or complement to online business classes is working with a business coach. Students will be able to list and define the tools of monetary asset management and identify the types of financial services firms that provide those tools.