Reasons Why It’s Important To Plan For The Replacement Of UPS Batteries

Reasons Why It's Important To Plan For The Replacement Of UPS Batteries

If you already have an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) as a critical component of your IT infrastructure, you already have a plan for failure setup.

A UPS’s role is to effectively reduce the risk associated with having unexpected power loss or fluctuations to your expensive equipment. Thus, having a UPS that offers ample uptime is crucial to get the best performance out of it. This means you need to plan for replacing your battery as often as needed.

You likely are well aware that the battery in your UPS won’t last forever. Thus, you need to look at the condition of your UPS battery and use it as a part of your routine maintenance plan. By regularly engaging in frequent servicing, you will be able to perform the necessary tests on the batteries. This will help you figure out when you may need to replace the batteries inside of it. It will also help you schedule a replacement without having to deal with the consequences of power loss.

Replacement Process

When you do it properly, the replacement process is relatively simple, safe, and effective. However, there are some risks that you will want to be aware of before doing it.

  • The UPS may cease to protect the load. This can be caused by several things. For one, it can be the result of faulty cabling.
  • The risk factor associated with having to deal with this type of fault can be increased by sustaining electrolyte leakage caused by improper handling of the battery.
  • Very serious injury threats to people handling the battery can result from any spillage of electrolyte in the various surrounding areas.
  • Improper installation can result in serious injury.
  • Not getting rid of and disposing of the batteries in the right way can end up leading to not only hefty fines but also other legal proceedings from the local authorities.

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If you have suffered from UPS battery failure, you can either visit our shop or purchase new batteries online. If you want to find out more about the services, we offer for battery replacement or maintenance, you can contact one of our specialists right now.

Selecting the Right Replacement Batteries

As soon as you have identified that your battery has failed or that it is failing, you want to look at the overall age of it. The performance will reduce to the battery block that is the weakest. While you can replace the individual battery blocks on an as-needed basis, it will not be the most cost-effective solution nor will it offer maximum performance. Thus, you want to do complete battery replacements instead.

When you are replacing the batteries, you need to ensure that the newer battery configuration directly matches the exact specs of the battery you are replacing in terms of DC bus voltage. The technology has to be matched, as well. If you are swapping out the battery, the firmware is likely to require complete reconfiguration to effectively reset the charging regime to be accurate.