Reasons to Spend More Time Outside According to Science

Woman sitting on a mountain peakGoing outside and spending time outdoors can have a very positive impact on your life. Not only does it improve your physical health, but also your mental health. The outdoors can have a therapeutic effect on your stress and anxiety. It’s also a good way to get some exercise too. Here are some of the most important reasons you need to start spending more time outside.

Reasons to Spend Time Outdoors

1. Stress Relief

Easily one of the biggest benefits of spending time outdoors is the chance to get rid of some stress. Stress is something that hinders a lot of people. With a busy and fast-paced lifestyle, it’s easy to get overstressed. Studies have shown that going outside and spending time in nature can help alleviate a lot of stress.

The combination of being outside with fresh air and immersing yourself in nature can be a good way to melt away some stress. A simple walk around your neighbourhood or venturing out into the woods can be therapeutic. By spending more time outdoors, you can naturally lower your cortisol levels.

Not only does it help provide immediate stress relief, but it also helps the subsequent days following spending time outdoors. It’s a good way to minimise the stress you are experiencing and any negative effects from it.

2. Garden

Having space outdoors is always on the list for a prospective homeowner. A lot of people want to have their gardens. Not only does a garden offer you extra space, but it can help to increase the total value of your home.

You can get a lot of benefits from having and maintaining a garden. It can be your outdoor oasis that helps you get natural stress and anxiety relief. It can also help you relax and enjoy your outdoor area that much more. It can even help you get fresh fruits, vegetables, or herbs for your homecooked meals.

If you do intend on maintaining a lush garden or yard, you could call on a outdoor specialist crew like Outashade awnings for assistance. Getting to enjoy the outdoor space that you designed and/or paid for is an easy reason to consider spending more time outside.

3. Exercise

A lot of people don’t get enough exercise daily. One of the best ways to get more exercise into your daily life is by spending more time outdoors. Going outside is a good excuse for getting exercise without even realising it.

You could choose to go for a brisk walk and be getting exercise and spend time outdoors simultaneously. It doesn’t take much to experience the benefits of exercise. Simply getting your heart rate up for even 30 minutes can do wonders for your heart health.

You can go outside to spend time with your dog, play with your children, or do anything else. You could even go outside to do some work on your house whether it’s raking the leaves or washing your car. All of these things can give you easy excuses to get in some light or even moderate exercise.

4. Natural Vitamins

A big reason you need to spend more time outdoors has to do with the sun. While the sun does have harmful rays, it also is required for the production of vitamin D. Your body cannot produce vitamin D without exposure to the sun. You need the sun to produce sufficient vitamin D.

Because of this, a lot of people are deficient in vitamin D. This is likely due to the overuse of sunscreen which blocks the synthesis. Also, a lot of people don’t spend enough time outdoors. Vitamin D is so important because it regulates a lot of the things in your body.

It can help to prevent many diseases and health issues including heart disease, cancer, and more. You want to go outdoors to increase your body’s natural production of vitamin D. Otherwise you would need to take synthetic vitamins to make up for it.