MBA Business Administration

master in businessThere are many reasons why people choose to pursue a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) degree. This master is for students who are committed to a deep understanding of data sciences and the methods of business analytics, who aim to develop strong skills in mathematical modeling and computer science as well as management savviness. Getting an online business degree in management is an important step in preparing you to manage a business and its employees.

That said, many Masters in Business programs do also use case studies to simulate real-world situations, but perhaps with more of a focus on the theoretical side, looking at different theories and techniques. Embarking on a PhD or masters by research is an opportunity to join a community of recognised leaders in scholarship and make a significant contribution to your area of study.

We offer you optimal conditions with intensive language courses, intercultural training and an international study environment. As part of your MBAN career services you will also have access to the Career Development Centre (CDC) and online access to year round job postings, career tools as well as corporate information sessions and CDC run events.master in business

The degree allows you to solve problems within your chosen field using a new data-driven mindset to make better business decisions—a skill that is growing in demand with each passing day. This fluff-free MSBA concentrates on technical skills, management fundamentals and advanced methods in analytics and data science.

Both MBAs and other Masters in Business cover a range of core business topics, and allow students to specialize by choosing from a range of elective courses. While lectures, seminars and tutorial classes are part of both MBA and other Masters in Business programs, MBAs have a more practical and applied focus while MA and MSc programs may be more theoretical.