Masters In Business Analytics 2020

master in businessFirst off the amount of Universities in West Virginia is astounding. The Master of Business Management is a 3 semester program designed to build upon your existing undergraduate studies enabling you to pursue a broader range of careers in business. All Schulich MBAN students are awarded the much-coveted SAS (Statistical Analysis Software) certification upon completion of the program.

Upon acceptance to the MSc Program in International Business candidates are pre-approved to begin the CEMS Master in International Management in their second year and therefore eligible for a double degree. Future students should assess in advance, which program type is better suited for their specific profile – and keep in mind that neither a MIM can replace an MBA nor the other way round.

Faculty members bring their findings to bear on the classroom experience, giving students the opportunity to work with real datasets from their findings. The average income for an MBA graduate is much higher than an employee’s with a regular Master’s. This course places an emphasis on internationalization, globalization, mega-brand management and on the interrelationship between business strategy and brand strategy.

Now you can easily enroll in the degree program that fits you best, and if you ‘re thinking to apply for a master degree in marketing, you can opt for either a campus-based program, or an accredited web-based one. Students may further develop their critical-thinking and communication skills while taking courses in consumer behavior, marketing strategies, marketing analytics, and more.

Our career services have been designed to assist all part-time MBA students in the effective management of their careers, not just those actively seeking employment. Our Master of Business Administration is evaluated regularly by the ACBSP, ensuring the quality of your education.master in business