Master Of Science In Business Economics (Marketing)

master in businessHave you have made the decision to get an online business degree but do not quite know what business area to specialize in? The program is developed in close collaboration with business partners both during the courses, split into two phases, and during the three sectorial company projects; the didactic approach is totally different from traditional university courses, as the lessons of the Master provide practical tools which allow practitioners to carry out concrete projects.

You’ll develop your entrepreneurship skills, such as how to identify opportunities, how to capitalize on prevailing market trends, how to manage cross-cultural business environments, and gain an in-depth knowledge of issues such as international entrepreneurship, intellectual property protection, innovation, the fundamental principles behind entrepreneurship, and develop an arsenal of best business practices.

They also display distinguished academic excellence, strong analytical skills, interpersonal competencies, international awareness, have proven motivation to undertake the programme, the capacity to make significant contributions to EDHEC Business School’s learning environment, and the potential to succeed as professionals, managers and leaders in the related field of study.master in business

A few of the courses graduate students may take in an economics program include international economics, labor economics, financial economies and risk, managerial economics, applied econometrics and economic development and growth, according to U.S. News & World Report While it’s not necessary to have an undergraduate degree in economics to get started in a graduate program in the subject, it is important to have a solid mathematics foundation, the BLS reported.

There are many different topics that are included in most programs of this nature, including finance, accounting, administration, marketing, management information systems, transportation and logistics, international business strategy, and business law.