Is E-commerce the best solution for entrepreneurs?

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To get started and succeed with online sales, it is not enough to expose your products or services on your website and social networks. Investing in strategies and good planning is essential to stretch tent hire cape town ensure that your efforts turn into revenue and translate into sustainable profitability over time.

To help you make the right steps when selling online, we bring you recommendations from that can make a big difference.

What is an e-commerce store?

An e-commerce store is a platform where you can buy products or services online. Simply put, an e-commerce store is simply an online store. To create such a store in legal and fair conditions you can analyze finance companies in the US.

Many large retailers, such as Amazon, ASOS, and Overstock, are involved in eCommerce, and many companies with an offline presence still have an e-commerce branch today.

Starting from eCommerce

At its core, an e-commerce business is like any e-commerce business. The business principles needed to run an offline store always apply to running an online store, although the challenges they face are different.

Given this, the basic scheme of an e-commerce business model is very similar:

  1. You need products to sell
  2. You need a website to sell them
  3. You need a marketing strategy to attract customers

In addition, you need to have a strategy (logistics) to deliver your products, because a customer simply cannot take them off the shelf.

Create a sales plan

Creating a sales plan will help you document the different strategies your business will adapt to gain new customers.

Although there are different planning models, we recommend the Canvas business model. It is a tool that allows you to create a business plan in a short time and helps you understand if your business is profitable by better adjusting your goals. It is useful to define your value proposition, cost structure, and customer segmentation, among others.

Define sales channels

Once the sales plan is defined, the next step is to decide what the channels will be. You have different options: you can choose to open your online store or sell on other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp.

Choose your e-commerce platform

Choosing an e-commerce platform that provides the resources you need to start, evolve and manage your business is essential to any startup on the internet.

We recommend that you do some research until you find the one that best suits your needs. Remember these criteria:

  • Ease of product registration.
  • Inventory management.
  • Use of the website.
  • Platform speed and stability.
  • Integrations are available.

Other platforms are Tendenube, Wix, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magneto, and Prestashop.

Choose a payment processor

A payment processor is a tool that you can integrate into your online store so you can charge with a credit or debit card and cash.

Keep in mind that customers are increasingly demanding in terms of their payment experience and it is essential not to complicate the moment when the buyer completes his operation: facilitate payment and offer the best payment methods.