master in businessThis article discusses the role of organizational behavior in small business. To turn this data into usable information, our MS in Business Analytics and Information Management (MS BAIM) program educates students in state-of-the-art information technologies and analytical techniques that will benefit all levels of an organization.

Through a vast array of immersion opportunities including innovation challenges, excursions, and business tours, students are provided with broad exposure to management thinking and practice across many industries and countries and build a diverse peer network.

It extends data management and business intelligence (data warehousing) to enable the management of big data, and combines it with data analytics and business information to analyze consumer behavior, web site data, marketing data and even to perform predictive analytics.master in business

MBA dual degree programs combine an MBA with others (such as an MS, MA, or a JD , etc.) to let students cut costs (dual programs usually cost less than pursuing 2 degrees separately), save time on education and to tailor the business education courses to their needs.

Finally, the International Field Trip is a one-week trip to meet key actors, local professionals and business leaders all over the world, and confront your knowledge to best practices and emerging applications of analytics developing in other countries.