How to Choose the Best Activewear for Your Needs

Choosing the right activewear is never easy and requires achieving the perfect balance between the stylish and functional. There is no point in buying an especially stylish sports bra if it is also not functional enough to keep your bouncy bits well supported.

The choice is very similar to the one you will make when choosing the right shapewear brand, whether that be Shirley of Hollywood, or Naturana . Because, the way your activewear has been designed will help to relieve the pressure from the back, pelvis and shoulders, it is important to think of how these dynamics will play a role in your active life.

What’s it for?

The most important question to ask yourself is how you will be using your activewear. Will you be playing tennis, cycling or practicing yoga? There is an extensive range of activities that can be done in your activewear. The garments you have chosen will greatly affect the dynamics of the sport or activity you will be engaging in. You should also think about the duration of time you will be wearing your activewear and how much bouncing your activity will require.

Low Impact

If you will be engaging in lower impact activities, like walking, yoga or cycling, you will want to consider layering. Even though these activities will not include much bouncing around, they will be practiced for a longer time. So start with a sturdy base layer with a good fit, then your outerwear can be selected for its comfort and suitability to the activity at hand. There will be no need for the under-wiring found in many sports bras, what you really want are the wide straps and elastic support that provide greater comfort.

To keep your waistbands snuggly in place, make sure you have selected capris and leggings with high waists.

Mixed Impact

If you are a regular at the gym or practice a wider range of sports activities, you will be experiencing a mixed up impact workout. You will find that an intense session of gym work or tennis practice will bring with it some high intensity movement. It may not always be this way, but it is a good idea to dress for the highest impact possible this way you will always be prepared and avoid all injuries.

High Impact

If you will be doing some running or engaging in activities that require a lot of running. Then you will need activewear to support the highest level of impactful activity. This will include additional support for the breasts, but should not end here. You want a wide shoulder strap and back support system. Sometimes this is provided by an extra silicone under-wiring in the bra itself, but sometimes it can be accomplished with a supportive sports vest.

Key Features

So, what is the rule of thumb by which plus-size activewear should be chosen? The most important specifics will be breathability and proper moisture wicking action. You will find that these materials are far more comfortable than the average cotton fabrics. Furthermore, you will find most lines of sports clothes offer an extensive line of activewear and you will be spoilt for options to say the least.


Sports bras and cropped tops are some of the best options to go with the wider shoulder bands you need. You will even want to make sure your straps are padded for greater comfort. Then you top all this off with a longer top or a form fitting bodysuit that will stay in place during your sports activities.


Capri, pants, leggings and loose-fit yoga pants are all good options just be sure that they have a high waist and proper fitting waistband. This will make sure that your pants are well-anchored and will not slide around. The wider the waistband the better the fit.


You will need something snug and secure down here. Longer shorts will prevent thigh chafing and once again wide waists will allow your briefs to stay put.

Cold Weather

If you will be in the great outdoors, you will want to select your activewear for the advent of seasonal changes. Your base layers will be pretty much the same, but you can swap out your outer layers to match the weather.

In the end, you can make the activewear decision easy by sticking to the same criteria you will apply when selecting shapewear. Size is first and foremost, from there you can build layers with wider anchor bands for the waist, shoulders and breasts. Then just make sure they have the colours and styles that you like.