From the Smallest Billboard to the Shopfront Display and Cool Merchandise

Advertising media is very important in marketing a product. Advertising is varied start in conventional ways that are still in demand by the public, from modern ways that utilize digital media to creative ways such as tucking in a merchandise, or even the merchandise itself represents the advertised product.

Many people are lazy to see advertisements. Therefore attracting public attention is the most important thing in marketing a product through advertising. Good advertising, in terms of design and quality of the material from the advertising media itself, needs attention. An attractive and unique ad design will make the public curious about the contents of the ad, even people who don’t care will be curious to see if the ad is made so attractive with good quality, as in

People will usually be interested in something intriguing. Like a shop that designs the front to show the identity of the products it sells. People will think and be more curious to find out more.

Bad design on an ad will hurt the product being advertised or on the company that advertises. The public will judge the product or company is not feasible just because a less attractive image.

Or it could be that the design of the ad is good, but the poster o brochure material is bad. It also affects the image of the product and the company that advertises.

Various methods are used by companies both large and small so that the products are widely known in the public. There was the first time advertisement improve their work to be more creative.

One of the ways to do advertisements is by placing advertisements on private cars. The company is willing to pay people who own private vehicles to carry the name of the product along with these vehicles. Because in general, a vehicle will be seen more by people because it moves from one place to another compared to the billboards that only stay in one place.

Besides, the cost of making advertisements on vehicles is cheaper rather than in a large billboard.