Elective Classes

business classesI am of the opinion that if you are breeding, training or boarding horses that you should be a business. Management studies are a significant medium that facilitates the learning of managerial skills and also imparts an individual with specialization and expertise in different areas of business management. This course includes trainings on developing an entrepreneurial mindset, business idea generation, creating a business plan and model, building your business structure, and prepping to launch your business.

Includes instruction in the essentials of business; sales and marketing skills necessary for the entrepreneur or manager; roles of the entrepreneur; sales ethics and developing a sales team. If your goal is to earn a four-year degree in business administration, start that degree with some deft finance management by starting your business degree for less at PCC.business classes

Apart from the regular MBA courses that are highest in demand, distance learning MBA, online MBA programs and part time executive MBA’s are also growing in popularity. All business classes take place at the Main Library in the Adult Computer Training Center (Lower Level).

The dynamic and varied curriculum of the business administration degree fully prepares you for success as a business leader of tomorrow while exposing you to a broad spectrum of opportunities. Approximately 100 students are paired with members of the business community each year to learn about possible career paths.

Etihad’s newest business class seat is a modified staggered configuration, with seats alternating between being closer to the aisle and closer to the window. The third (junior) year includes core courses in finance, information systems, management, marketing, operations management, and business statistics.