Different Types Of Business Cards For Different Types Of Businesses

business card makerNo business or freelancer can call themselves professional if they don’t have business cards. Moreover, you can export your designs to TIFF, JPEG, EPS or PDF formats, all of which will correspond to the local print shop requirements. Give your business cards a boost and step up to a sturdier matte paper. For business cards, we offer PNG files, and the letterhead is sent as a DOCX file compatible with Microsoft Word.

High-Quality Designs – Our designers are expertly trained. 2. Do not place ‘Mr.’ or ‘Ms.’ before your name in business cards. If you run into any issues, our Customer Service team is happy to help you design the perfect business card for your restaurant. The paper is already perforated for you and is easy to rip apart into cards.

Typically, it contains such information as a person’s contact details and the logo of the company for which the person works. The company lets you upload your own designs and customise them with images and text. Customize the fonts, colors, and shapes to match your brand.

For additional designs, add some red border on the lower half of the contact card. The modern world deploys electronic mail more than paper cards for any kind of communication. Not to mention that this is a time saving process, also we have a special editor window where you can choose your own font type and size so that you can play around with the look of the cards while customizing.

If you are creative and want the best business cards for your business, then designhill is a right place. Using your company’s logo is essential, as this carries the corporate identity of your business. Logo : Create logo, choose logo from app gallery or upload own company logo from phone.business card maker