Connecting Your Data, Systems & People

business intelligenceBusiness intelligence or BI refers to skills, processes, technologies, applications and practices used to support business decision-making. Zoho Analytics is a top-rated business intelligence and data analytics software that allows you to create an easy to visualize and intuitive dashboards in minutes. Before it is used in BI applications, raw data from different source systems must be integrated, consolidated and cleansed using data integration and data quality tools to ensure that users are analyzing accurate and consistent intelligence

Questionnaire Development is also a large part of business intelligence database systems. However, many organizations are moving away from Excel because other tools have more to offer with real time analytics and better collaborative functionality. Disseminate information regarding tools, reports, or metadata enhancements.

Realizing true value-added insights, business users gain real-time visibility to identify issues, trends and opportunities and instantly drill down to the underlying transaction to take action. Zoho is a good choice for businesses that need to provide convenient, accessible data analytics insight to staffers at every level.

Whether you have 5 or 10,000 users needing access to your data, BI and BA can securely scale to your specific business needs. Explore how midsized companies are extracting valuable insights from their Big Data – from adopting pull-style analytics tools to eliminating data silos.

The main goal of business intelligence is to analyze business information to make decisions. Companies who utilize BI software and have an onsite IT team are those who normally have much success with enterprise based solutions. With SAP business intelligence solutions.