Business Intelligence Planning

business intelligenceInsurance is such a service, which can extend its scope to every section of the society. Performance metrics and benchmarking: Comparing current performance data to historical data to track performance against goals, typically using customized dashboards. JOURNAL OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS ENGINEERING AND BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE (JISEBI) is published bi-annually by Universitas Airlangga.

Any company that features transport in its services or business process may want to geographic reporting to compare actual mileage to ideal distances. On a grander scale, AI could help a fashion brand analyze social media data to help predict which colors, fabrics, and accessories are gaining or losing popularity in order to guide production decisions for the next buying intelligence

Sheets end users can surface insights without needing the help of BigQuery experts or analysts fluent in SQL, saving time for everyone. The insight you need lies in your data – but it must first be turned into intelligence that can generate the right actions and inform your organisation’s business decisions.

Business Intelligence is used to run the businesses effectively whereas the Business Analytics is the way of changing the business to make it more productive and operations effective. BI is usually referred to as software solutions that can compile existing enterprise data into proper knowledge, in order to assist a company’s decision making process.

This makes it very difficult to generate the type of intelligent information and level of reports expected today by management today want to analyse data and relationships across the whole company. This information access helps users back up business decisions with hard numbers, rather than only gut feelings and anecdotes.