Business Development & Partnership Manager

business developmentBusiness development coaching is a service which offers business leaders a chance to analyse and reflect upon their own business practices and to set targets and take action to achieve success as a result of the findings made. Also, you’ll be able to grow a sales department able to create new opportunities independently from the marketing department. Maximize your opportunities with new and existing customers, and accelerate your sales performance. Those with one or two-year stint in business strategic planning as well as sales and marketing have good chances of becoming BD professionals, because they have acquired a general concept of how the market development

Business development is any activity that leverages customers, partners, relationships and other connections for long-term company value. However, automation, if done with no coordination between the marketing and sales teams, it doesn’t add any value. The sales team though is a critical link between the marketing department and the customers.

You will be a product specialist, helping to generate high value deals through strategic business development and by supporting the sales cycle from pre-sales through to completion. Sales and marketing professionals with years of experience should have the advantage of progressing to business development officers and managers, given excellent credentials, extensive professional network, and proper certifications.

Having figured out the action plan we need to ‘get the hell out of the building’ and start connecting, contacting and influencing potential partners, industry gurus and opinion leaders – the people who may be part of our network and value chain. This role involves finding new customers and persuading existing ones to buy extra services.

Indeed, with sales canvassing, you’ll deal with people that never heard about your brand and your company. A business development specialist might also work on specific accounts to help develop the business to its full potential. These jobs have been sourced from a website, company or service that identifies roles that can be performed by people with certain types of disabilities.