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business consultingWe believe in communication. You have to understand if you are going to be a consultant how to be superior in what you do and how you revere yourself, and not the expertise that you offer, but the impact and implication that that expertise can mean when I’m actively engaged in someone’s business.

The idea that consulting success depends solely on analytic expertise and on an ability to present convincing reports is losing ground, partly because there are now more people within organizations with the required analytic techniques than in the boom years of strategy consulting.” Increasingly, the best management consultants define their objective as not just recommending solutions but also helping institutionalize more effective management processes.

But if you have expertise, if it’s a hard one and is well documented and you really do understand the issue, the problem, the challenge in an area, multiple areas of the business better than either most of the people doing it or most of the people doing it at a different level.

We already know they are interested in what we’re doing, and with strategies like email marketing, ad retargeting, and all sorts of other fun remarketing strategies, we will have countless opportunities to turn these people into customers down the consulting

Either the owner, the bank, the board directors, the family, the specialist, etc., is not producing the outcome they want, there is eminent breakdown or they feel intuitively or observationally that there is a factor that’s causing the business to underperform; or a consultant comes in when he or she is masterful at selling the business, or the fact that the business can perform better with this consultant whatever his or her expertise is. I operate in this world called optimization.