Business Analytics Master (MBAN)

master in businessThe Master of Business Management is the academic path into the business world and the academic world. For a global understanding of the challenges underlying the digital era and to master the science of data and the techniques of business analytics, the program has a strong scientific focus and aims to provide students with a comprehensive view of these complimentary and intrinsically linked fields, enabling them to develop as fully-operational professionals.

In 1998, the Hochschulrahmengesetz (Higher Education Framework Act), a German federal law regulating higher education including the types of degrees offered, was modified to permit German universities to offer master’s degrees. The Master in Business Informatics programme offers a university degree at the intersection between computer science and business administration.

The TI&CD programme, unique in Europe, evaluates and assesses your strengths and areas of improvement based on 8 managerial competencies defined by international recruiters. Internationally renowned doctoral studies, offered by the Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences (GESS), complete the range of study programmes.master in business

The versatility and diversity of MBA programme specialisations are great support for those preparing for a career switch. Hands-on experiences and internship opportunities are an important part of many supply management degree programs, and the experience that students gain is valuable in helping them get started in the career field.

The program also offers a very unique option of earning an MBA, while earning the MS in Strategic Management, so that students can earn two master’s level degrees in a much shorter time than it would take to complete them separately. Gain real-world client consulting experience with UD’s online business analytics master’s program.