Business Administration Degree

business classesThere has been an increase in students taking online courses and the number continues to rise. These workshops cover a variety of topics that all small business owners should be aware of, including initial legal steps to take, marketing, financials, insurance, business plans and more. Many of the Business management Colleges India rank amongst the top B-schools rating of the world and attract students from all over the classes

Students are required to meet with an academic advisor three times each semester until they are no longer on probation. Alison’s range of free online Business courses will guide you through every aspect of the modern business environment, from how to write a perfect résumé to the top management skills in demand today.

Current and continuing students (who have entered prior to Fall 2017) are able to continue using the 2009 Grade Point Average Recalculation Policy until graduation or dismissal from the university. Students should take ENGL 160 and ENGL 161 , the courses of one of the mathematics tracks, and ECON 120 and ECON 121 as early as possible, since these courses are prerequisites for most of the business core courses.

Proficiency credit cannot be earned by CBA students for major-level courses, nor can proficiency credit earned for a foreign language be used towards the degree. This course helps students understand all the major marketing communication tools: advertising, direct marketing, the Internet, interactive media, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling, as well as social and consumer-driven media.

This program requires completion of two classes (BUSN 630 and 631). To ensure the quality of the academic program and to assist in continuous improvement efforts, all students must participate in one assessment event prior to graduation. Choose a career in business administration or banking, retail management, government or non-profits.