Best Cities in Italy to Start a Business in 2022

Taking on a business venture or scaling your business in Italy can be one of the best decisions to take.

This is because Italy has some of the best regulations and laws that present a perfect environment for economic growth.

This article discusses some of the best cities in Italy to start your business and it shares tips and finance strategies to make the best out of the location.

This, however, does not mean that you have to be structured in a certain location to invest in Italy.

There are other investment options like Italian ETF, stocks, bonds and other financial products.

Let’s have a new;

1.  Milan

Milan is the second-largest city in Italy.

Just like from is known for its tourism heritage Milan is known for being a fashion city.

The fashion culture in Milan has grown so popular that it is home to the world’s top luxury fashion brands.

The fashion wear industry in Milan has generated over € 2.5 billion for the country in revenue.

It is the most modern city in Italy with the country’s tallest and most elegant skyscrapers.

By far, Milan is the most industrial city in Italy. For this reason, it stops as the most favourable city in Italy for a business.

Besides the many large companies that have been developed in Milan, it is the centre of the Italian stock exchange.

Investors looking to invest in Italian companies can buy stocks and other forms of financial assets through the stock exchange.

Businesses in Italy looking for funds from foreign investors also stand an opportunity to get the necessary capital through the stock exchange.

With that said it is also noteworthy that it is the most expensive city in the country and for that reason, any person seeking to invest in Milan master considers their business financial structure.

Milan is the most expensive city to live in Italy and it is also the most expensive city to start a business.  Nonetheless, there are many financial companies that help small businesses get a faster and more stable starting up the process by proving loans.

One such company that may interest you is Mr Finance. However, make sure you read their reviews just so you know the sort of services and provides they provide and how their customers find them.

2.  Rome

Rome is the capital city of Italy and it is one of the most populous cities in Europe.

The main thing that attracts investors to Rome is that it attracts many tourists every year.

In fact, Rome is in the top 10 most visited countries in Europe.

For this reason, many businesses inclined towards the tourism sector to flourish quite fast.

To boost the revenue generated through tourism the government of Italy has made many incentives for foreign investors to invest in the city.

The more the development, the more tourists visit the city and the higher revenue generated.

The city is also one of the best places to invest in real estate considering the growing population and the demand for both residential and commercial properties.  

3.  Florence

The business centre of the country is evident from the number of startups developing in Florence each year.

Besides that, there are many services centred all across the city making it favourable for a business to prosper.

The transportation and infrastructure in Florence are perfect for an industrial start-up.

It is very accessible to other cities within Italy.

Commercial rent properties are relatively priced compared to other cities in the country.

4.  Naples

Naples is the third-largest city in Italy.

It has a well-developed business centre that attracts foreign investors every year.

The good thing about investing in Naples is that it is less expensive than investing in cities like Milan and Rome.

It doesn’t mean that it is cheap but it is more favourable than other cities.

It is the city with the fastest growth rate which means that in the next century it will be among the most developed business centres in Europe.


Picking the right city for your business does not guarantee a successful business. There are other factors that you need to consider and build strategic plans to ensure that you make the best use of your business location to grow.