Benefits of private fast proxies

Each of us heard about a proxy or mentioned it in a conversation. This is the name of a specific link between your computer and the Internet server system. To put it very simply, a proxy is a remote computer. Its main task is to broadcast any user request to the Internet, and later send the result of the found answer. On the site You-Proxy you can purchase excellent proxies of any kind, including private ones, which are currently highly valued. It offers a proxy at the most affordable price. It is unlikely that you will find somewhere even cheaper.

How proxy connection works

Before purchasing any type of proxy, it is worthwhile to get acquainted with the principle of operation of the programs first. So, it’s worth starting with the fact that any computer has its own IP. He is unchanging. It is required for your identification. As soon as you connect to the proxy, then this very IP changes to the selected one. In other words, if you need to visit a site that is prohibited in your region, then you simply change your iP and gain access to the portal. In addition, you can hide your presence, which is important for many people.

Proxies are actively used not only in private practice, but also in the work of, for example, Internet marketers. Proxy connection is as easy as shelling pears: you just need to configure the settings in your browser. After that, all connections will go through the proxy.

Benefits of a private proxy

It is also necessary to separately consider the private type of proxy:

  • thanks to such a proxy, you can go to any portal and be sure that your personal data will remain completely safe;
  • you can configure caching;
  • you can adjust the response time and speed, which will increase the quality of your work;
  • a private proxy increases the stability of work;
  • you will forget about freezing and bugs during work;
  • you can choose proxies, both CIS and foreign;
  • it is possible to change IP;
  • you can test CIS and foreign proxy.

If we talk about the disadvantages of such a proxy, then it is the only one – they are paid. You will not find a private type proxy for free anywhere. Companies are distributing them. by going to the site, you can buy a proxy on the most favorable terms. A convenient filtering system will help you quickly find a proxy and rent it. In other words, every month you will pay for a certain package, which includes everything you need to use a private proxy. The filter will help you cope with your search as soon as possible.

Have questions? The site specialist will answer them. Just write to the online chat and the manager will answer your question within 15 minutes. You will be provided with detailed information as an answer to any question, and will also help you choose a proxy, depending on the type of your activity and the purpose of the proxy. This way you can increase the utility of your purchase. You will appreciate the fast service and a pleasant price for purchasing a private proxy.