Becoming a Real Estate Agent in the UK

Real estate agents receive true job satisfaction after assisting their clients in selling their homes or getting their dream homes. It’s truly an exciting job, and we totally get why you want to get into real estate.

But what qualifications do you need to meet? Although you don’t need a license to practice in the UK, there may be other requirements. Read on to find out!

4 Ways To Start a Career as a Real Estate Agent

1. Complete a Course in Sales/Relevant Studies

Real estate careers are sales jobs. They involve getting people to buy and sell homes. As such, to master sales techniques and improve your chances of landing a career in real estate, you might need to finish a sales course.

That helps you sell yourself to potential clients. It shows them that you have taken the effort to obtain the right training and may have more faith in your work. As you master numerous skills required for the profession, a sales course may also help you build a solid career foundation.

Some of the courses include real estate, property management, and business studies. Other relevant courses include surveying, civil and structural engineering, and urban and land studies courses.

2. Training Under a Professional Organization

Professional organizations offer specialized training in real estate management. With such a body, within a few months, you can be fully equipped as a real estate agent. 2 popular organizations that provide real estate training at the college level include the Independent Network of Estate Agents (INEA) and the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA). Some topics covered include:

• Negotiations
• Property values
• Building inspections
• Legal requirements
• Finance

3. Learning as an Apprentice

This one is quite easy: simply learn by following through the steps of an expert. Following a real estate agent around while they are at work will teach you how they operate. Through practice, this can help you develop useful skills that you can use on the job.

To become an apprentice, you might need to possess the GCSE equivalent in arithmetic and English. For this, you can start by asking local real estate companies if they accept apprentices.

4. Work Towards It

You could also build your way up to being a real estate agent. For example, you could start as a trainee sales negotiator. Here, you could get the negotiation skills you need to work as a licensed real estate agent.

You could also work in lettings or real estate firms as an administrator before being promoted to an estate agent job. You can check Four Labs which provides a quality, cost-effective floor plan drawing and property photography enhancing service to estate agents.  Your knowledge of the real estate market may also be improved by working in the construction sector, which will make it simpler for you to shift into an estate agent position.

Which Skills Do You Need As a Real Estate Agent?

Although there may not be any formal requirements for being an estate agent, employers will still want to know that you have the necessary qualities. Here are some key skills you need:

Excellent Communication Skills

Excellent communication skills will help you interact with sellers, buyers, financiers, and other groups involved in real estate negotiations. You must negotiate agreements that are acceptable to all parties. For that, you need to speak with assurance and pay attention to your clients’ worries.

That way, you can respond and reassure them. You may also need to have great presentation skills and exceptional writing skills to present reports, compose emails, and show your annual sales.

Good Interpersonal Skills

It’s a job that involves people; you need to interact with other people virtually every day, which calls for good behavior. Your ability to connect with people on a personal level can help you close more deals.

Passion and Motivation

You need to be highly motivated and that calls for self-drive and passion. Sometimes you’ll need to work independently, for example, inspect the property, bargain, and get your clients ready for the sale. To keep moving, you need to be goal-oriented.

There you have it! With these simple skills and qualifications, you can thrive as a real estate agent!