7 Simple exercise that can change your body shape in just 4 weeks

Everyone wants to live healthy, but most people are lazy to do sports. Most people still think that free time that is used for complete rest, aka sleeping, is healthier and easier to do. But actually people don’t always have to go outside the fence to exercise and produce sweat. Here is a simple exercise that can change your body shape in just 4 weeks and only 10 minutes per day.

1. Plank.

Plank is a sport that does not require body movement. So you don’t need to go anywhere, just hold your entire body using your hands to your elbows and legs in a straight position. Correct and straight body position like this will make the muscles strong and the bones in the back of the body in a normal position.

2. Push Up.

Many people already know this movement but don’t do it right. To do this properly, the position of the body when supported by the hands and feet must be straight. Then then get up from that position as slowly as possible. If you want to get your ideal body fast, you can and use meticore supplements to help you lose weight. For more information about this supplement, you can visit: https://www.riverfronttimes.com/GuestEditorial/2020/08/13/meticore-reviews-do-meticore-pills-really-work-2020-update

4. Squats.

The most important squatting movement is balance. Put your hands out and try to sit down. Imagine as if you are about to sit on a chair. However, the position of the body is slightly tilted forward so that the more you go down, the angle of the body and upper thighs will form.

5. Ab exercises.

Beginning with a sleeping position and hands stretched out straight up. Then slowly find your palms with your knees at the right point. Likewise for the other leg and hand.

6. Abs and buttocks.

Raise your leg as high as possible then pull it slowly until your nose kisses your knee. Likewise with the other leg. This will tighten the abdominal leg muscles and pelvis.

7. Waist lift.

Position your legs like a stance then lean against the wall. Then grasp an object heavy enough to tighten your hand muscles. Only then look from side to side with your body (not with your neck).

Weekly schedule for 4 weeks.


Do the following movements for 6 days:

– 2 Minute plank;

– 1 minute pushups;

– 1 minute toning thigh and lower muscles;

– 1 minute abs;

– 1 minute abs and buttocks;

– 1 minute waist;

– 2 minutes waist lift.

Give a break for 10 seconds each movement movement.


Do the following movements for 6 days:

Set 1:

  • 3 minute plank;
  • 3 Minutes Abs;
  • 3 minutes thigh and lower muscle lift;

Give a break for 15 seconds each movement movement.

Set 2:

  • 3 minutes waist;
  • 3 minutes of pushups;
  • 3 minutes abs and buttocks;

Give a break for 15 seconds each movement movement.


  • Repeats movement set 1.


  • Repeats movement set 2.

If you routinely do it for only four weeks, and in less than a month, then you will feel a completely different body state and a firmer stomach.