7 Best Online Courses in Spain 2022

E-learning is fast-growing in the educational sector. From the comfort of your home, you could take courses and get certified within a short period. Online learning became more common with the outbreak of Covid, forcing everyone to reimagine newer ways of engaging with daily activities.


This also applied to learning, fostering accessibility even from far locations. And, what a better way to take courses from locations like Spain. Smart devices have made it so easy that there are so many online courses in Spain you can take even without being in Spain.


While this is the case, it is important to consult reviews before taking any course. There are review websites that provide you with customer-based experiences on Spanish learning sites like Euroinnova. Aside from this, if you are interested in more online courses in Spain, here are some of them.

1.  IESE Business School

This online business school in Spain is the online version of the University of Navarra. The online course is taken and certified between 3 to 4 months of enrolling.


It’s a business model innovation program taught in English, with 3 live online modules and 2 business model challenges and a BMI conference attached to it. The learning method includes workshops, peer-to-peer advisory, networking, guest speakers, case method, and personalized one-on-one support.

2.  UCAM Media & Communications Course

This is a 3 weeks short course on media and communications for students interested in exploring more in media and communication. The curriculum contains 3 different modules, all across various aspects of media and communication.

3.  IED Creative Process in Fashion Design

This short course for fashion designers follows a series of learning processes to develop and shape creative ideas around fashion. The course is taught in English and has a duration of 5 weeks.

4.  Online Bartending Course

Who knew you could learn to be a bartender online? The European bartender school hosts an online short course of 4hours on how to master core bartending skills for a fee of £22 and lifetime access of £24. It’s bartending skills at your pace, 48 cocktail recipes, and a certificate from the school. Aside from being taught in English, it has Spanish, German, Italian, and French subtitles.

5.  IESE Sales Management Program

The University of Navarra also runs this. It’s a short 4 weeks course taught in English for salespersons interested in elevating the performance of their sales team. There is training to develop a solid sales plan and acquire a new team-based framework.

6.  PDD in Big DATA & BI

With the growing interest in tech, understanding big data & BI is essential if you’re tech-inclined. IEAD Instituto Europeo de Alta Dirección provides an English taught online course of 4 months on big data and BI.

7.  Short Course in Sports & eSports

The growth and successes of the sports and eSports industry have led to the introduction of online certified courses on this subject. The course provides learners with the basics and management processes of sports and eSports.



Even without being in Spain, thanks to technology, there are many courses in Spain you can participate in and build your knowledge in the area.