6 parenting tips for the digital age

Raising children in the millennials, well, it took more effort than it did decades ago. The development of the digital world not only makes it easier, it sometimes makes a gap between parent and child. It’s not uncommon to end up with an insubordinate child or any other problem.

Here are seven ways of pain the digital age that could be practiced in order to keep the relationship between parent and child alive:

1.  Full responsibility

When it comes to a child’s upbringing, a mother’s role is often Paramount. Yet a father’s role in educating his children is equally important. In this digital age, mothers and fathers must share the same view of being both responsible for their souls, their bodies, their minds, their faith, their children’s whole well-being. Elections are also crucial, make sure that your choice of schools have a curriculum that not only makes good students, but also teaches education of character responsibility, an example of Brighton college British Primary School Bangkok

2.  Proximity

Proximity needs to be close between father and son, as well as mother to son. This closeness means not just an attachment from skin to skin, but soul to soul. It means that you and your spouse can not only hug the child often but also have to be emotionally close. “Many children cannot get it out of proportion that their souls are empty,”

3. Speak well

Parents must learn to talk well with children. Must not lie, forget to discuss the uniqueness of the child, and also need to read body language, and want to hear the feelings of children.

“Blaming, ordering, labeling, comparing, this kind of communication will make children feel worthless, unaccustomed to choosing and unable to make decisions.”

4. Teaching Religion

It is the main task of parents to teach their children about religion. Education about religion needs to be planted as early as possible. Parents need to instill emotionally so that children like the activity.

5. Prepare Children for Puberty

Most parents are embarrassed to talk about sex problems with children and tend to avoid it, the conversation just needs to start early with a language that follows their age.

6. Prepare Children for the Digital Age

Not that you have to give it a gadget as a baby. But it teaches children if the use of gadgets has a time and has limits for it. Internet access also needs to be restricted to prevent children from seeing prohibited sites.