5 Things to Consider When Moving to a New City

Moving out of your comfort zone, comfort town, or comfort career can be nerve-wracking. Simultaneously, it could be quite the adventure, opening new doors for you along the way. A new neighborhood may be your next step. Here is some advice on things to think about before you make the big leap.

What’s Your Budget?

It’s a well-known fact that moving is not a fun activity. It can be expensive and intimidating. Based on if you decide to rent or to buy a house, you will have to save at least enough for a downpayment. 

Some locations are more expensive than others and this will determine how much you have to save and how long it will take you to save it. For most mortgages, you have to put at least 3% down but it could be specific to your bank or what your banks are offering based on your credit.

With an apartment, you’re most likely going to need first and last month’s rent. If you are in the proper position, you may be able to determine what you will do (either rent or buy) based on what you can afford in the target market. If your new city has reasonable rates and you have savings – you will be better off in the long run if you go the mortgage route.

Plan a Visit

Moving is scary and stressful by itself. Don’t make it even more stressful but not scouting your new potential home before you move there. Living somewhere is much more than just about what your apartment or home is like, it’s about your neighborhood as well. Book your flight or plan your road trip to your potential new location as soon as possible.

You can do some research before going to your new city. Check out local attractions, the crime rate, your public schools, and your transit systems. We all value different things and you should reflect on that while looking into new locations.

It may be more important to one person that they are next to a park for their children to play.

While you are visiting, think of what is important to you and your daily life. Do you need to be close to a gas station? Do you need to take public transit? Are they going to have the proper speeds of the internet in your area? That last one is pretty vital. 

Get Organized

I said it once, and I’ll say it again, moving is not fun. The more prepared you are for this stepping stone in life, the better off you will be. Make a spreadsheet or write it in a notebook, just get it planned out. 

Assess your possessions and decide what you are taking, selling, or burning. You shouldn’t burn it, but some furniture is just pure ugly. Next, how will you be transferring the items you want to bring? Will you ship them, or fill a moving van? 

Packing is another hurdle that you will need to address. You can hire movers to help you pack and transfer your items if you have the budget and are moving close enough. However, if you are traveling across the country or to a new country, be very practical with the items you keep and decide to ship.

Know Your Position

As a life requirement for being able to afford all this moving and housing, you must have a source of income. If you’re moving to a new city, you will want to solidify a new source of said income. Learn the demographics of your new city and research your specific work industry.

Most bigger cities and their surroundings can accommodate blue to white-collar workers. However, in some rural areas, access to white-collar industries may be limited. Look into the available open jobs and their pay in your new neighborhood. 

You will want to be sure you are making money that reflects your mortgage or rent costs for your new home. Moving to a new city is going to come with the same costs as the old city but you can always change it up and try a new skill.

Be Social

You may not see yourself as someone who is the life of the party. Perhaps that is exactly the kind of person you are. If that is the case, it will be easy for you to make new friends and acquaintances when you live in your new city. Not everyone has the ability or desire to put themselves out there in that way.

However, it is going to only be to your advantage if you are mentally prepared for meeting new people. If you’re someone that has a low amount of energy to give to others, then you will want to make sure that you are ready.

If you moved for work, you may be lucky to know some people in your new environment. This is beneficial for those who may need that extra bit of cushion when it comes to meeting others. You could maybe even consider attending an event in your potential town as a way to make friends before you move.