5 Apps to Manage Your Business Finances Better

Business finance management can adversely determine if you are going to succeed or not. And one good way to make this happen is by using certain digital applications. These applications have made things easier, faster and more efficient. You can find more opinions on such issues online on platforms like Luminablog.

With advances in technology, these apps are now numerous. Finding a suitable one can be an arduous task. Thus, here are some apps that will reduce your work and save you some cash in your business.

·       FreshBooks

Although FreshBooks shares some similarities with some other apps, it still has some unique features and is regarded as one of the top finance apps. This app is cloud-based, making it a great choice for those who don’t have enough storage capacity on their mobile devices.

One of the major strengths of FreshBooks is its compatibility with various other applications. You can merge it with prominent apps like Zoom and Shopify. It is a great app for invoice automation.

·       inDinero

A business without budgeting is not a great one. Also, budgeting needs to be done the right way to achieve good results. One app that can make this efficient is InDinero. This budgeting app detects your credit card and bank statement and keeps them. It organizes its findings uniquely and straightforwardly.

This app will analyze your monthly spending. This method will help you maintain your expenses and easily notice any unusual change. With the inDinero app, you can make monetary reports and essential business budgeting.



·       Wave Bookkeeping

This application is notable for small ventures with little finance. Using this app comes at no cost and affords you the chance to keep tabs on your finances. This app helps to trace what comes in and out. The app comes with great features, such as the inclusion of bank accounts, unique invoicing, receipt generation and online payment acceptance.

Being a web-based app makes it flexible to use, easily accessible and attractive to many.

·       Square

If your business involves using POS, you may consider using Square. This app accepts payment through credit cards. If you have an online shop, Square will also be useful. The app works seamlessly on desktop and mobile devices.

Square keeps an eye on your business by taking stock of your items. With this app, you can process credit card payments easily. This app employs its unique mechanism and card reader to keep records of dealings. It is also compatible with several prominent apps.

·       Evernote

The Evernote app is great for small businesses. You can easily use this app for quick note-taking and save them for later use. Evernote allows you to promptly send emails to people regarding your business. This shows that it works seamlessly with other apps.

You can use the free version or pay to use one of the two enhanced versions, which may cost you about $7.99 a month.


These applications can make your business activities easier and save you time. They also help you manage your business finances better. Therefore, they are great to include as part of your business tools.