4 Ways to Save Time and Cost When Relocate The Stores

As a professional moving service provider, Express Fitouts understands that moving business locations like stores is somewhat different from moving house. There are many things to consider when moving the store, including having to availability of moving equipment suitable for transporting the furniture, display shelves that need to be reworking. The display equipment is different from ordinary furniture. Don’t worry if the service company moved the store that you are calling does not do its job as it should, you can use the shop fitouts Canberra service like Express Fitouts.

Express Fitouts is your one-stop-shop for all your new office environment Solutions, Express Fitouts also designs Canberra’s Fitouts shop. Moving your store to a new site can be stressful. You need to move your inventory, and furniture to a new place.

All these things you have to do to minimize your fund. If you’ve never a move home like this before, you’ll be able to find unexpected problems before. In this article, I’ll share tips for moving your store to run smoothly and with minimal barriers.

1. Make a promotion or sale to reduce the inventory stock

The more inventory/goods you have to move, the higher the price to be paid to hire a moving shop service company. And then so many items that have to be moved, there will be a risk that the goods are damaged or lost on the way. Minimize this risk by promoting moving stores so you don’t get overwhelmed with too many inventories when you need to relocate the store.

2. Protect your inventory at the time of moving

Inventory is your asset. For shop owners who want to move their store, it means protecting your inventory is protecting your money. Depending on the product you are selling, you should be able to select the appropriate packing material. For example, if your product is clothing, you should make sure that your clothes will not be wet during the transfer because they use an open truck.

3. Avoid moving furniture/display rack me

Although it may seem that you save cost, dismantle and install furniture/display rack can make you in a loss. Moving shelves and display cabinets is quite difficult and dangerous due to its large size. Better you hire professional services to move shop like Express Fitouts which already have adequate equipment with an experienced team of experts. Express Fitouts also provide unloading rack services, furniture so you get a complete moving solution. 

4. Prepare a new location before starting the transfer

If possible, set up a new location rental schedule so you have time to set up a new store while running your old store. This way you can prepare everything before the day of transfer and ensure you have an Internet connection, payment system, electricity, water, telephone, internet, and others before you enter the new location. Some inventory can also begin to move gradually. The last one that can be moved is partly shelf, counter, and display cabinets that remain in the old store location.